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Manufacturing and Exporting of Sesame Seeds

Everything you need to know about manufacturing and exporting of sesame seeds
Sesame seeds are a kind of an ancient oilseed which have proved to be an excellent source of oil and food.  These are versatile seeds which are not only available in many forms and varieties but are also used in different cuisines across the world.  Inspite of their popularity, they are only mainly grown in a few parts of the world including India, China, Mexico and Thailand etc. is HL Agro.  HL Agro produces a huge amount of sesame seeds every year and is known for its large scale production plant which has green zones inside it.
This is why, most countries import sesame seeds from top manufacturers and exporters in the above-mentioned countries. One example of the top sesame seeds manufacturers and exporters

The quality of seeds produced may depend hugely upon several factors including the process of manufacturing that is followed. Even the machinery and production plants used for the process may have an impact on the quality. If you wish to know and understand the process of manufacturing of sesame seeds, you can go through the following given information.

For the manufacturing process, sesame seeds are made to go through a number of processes or levels depending upon the desired variety which is to be obtained. For example, in case of hulled sesame seeds, the process in which the hull is taken off through a wet process is followed. After this, the hulls or husks are discarded.

Sesame seeds are manufactured and produced in huge processing plants where factory scale production is carried out.  These days, the entire process is done using machinery in processing plants.  The sesame seed oil is obtained from the process of mechanical pressing where the seeds are either hot pressed or cold pressed. 

At the sesame seeds processing plant, the sesame seeds go through many quality controlled stages. Hulled sesame seeds go through cleaning, hulling and sorting whereas natural or unhulled sesame seeds made to go through only cleaning and sorting stage.  Depending upon the quality of machinery and the scale of production, the output on a yearly basis may differ. But HL Agro has an annual production capacity of 22000 MT.

In order to ensure that the final sesame seeds produced are of the topmost quality and pass quality standards, some sesame seed manufacturers and exporters may utilize the services of independent testing agencies such as SGS.  On the other hand, some manufacturers and exporting companies also have in house labs for the chemical, physical and microbiological testing. These labs help to conduct tests to enhance the quality of sesame seeds and also to conduct research and development. 

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